MMEIPA (Mapping and Monitoring of Energy Initiatives and Programmes in Africa) presents a platform where investments in the energy sector are being prioritised as a precondition to sustainable development by many African governments, regional organisations, as well as the international donor community. The aim of MMEIPA is to enhance transparency and coordination of initiatives and programmes that all share the common goal of bolstering and supporting Africa in reaching a sustainable energy future. 


Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash


MMEIPA presents and overview of the high-level initiatives and programmes in the energy sector across Africa that aim to further the goals of sustainable energy for all. In other words, to increase energy access, increase the proportion of renewable energy in the energy mix and improve energy efficiency. Information is provided on multilateral, bilateral and country-specific initiatives in Africa that support governments and project developers in achieving SDG 7. 


Between 2019 and 2021, AEEP's development of  MMEIPA has included mapping out energy development policies, strategies and plans based on national,  regional and continental development priorities, and finaly making recommendations about their implementation. Additionally, the work has involved data collection, required for compiling the AEEP's annual monitoring reports. These reports highlight the contributions of the EU and its member states to the African energy transition and profile these to the high AU and EU decision making levels.






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