Initiatives and programmes that are active in more than one country in Africa but do not yet meet the continental scope.

The programme will catalyse a market based approach for private sector delivery of solar home system (SHS) products and services.

The Africa Clean Energy Corridor (ACEC) is a regional initiative that seeks to secure the accelerated development of renewable energy potential and cross-border trade of renewable power within the Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP)

The Access to Energy Fund (AEF) is a fund managed by the Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO) on behalf of the Dutch government that supports private sector projects aimed at providing longterm access to energy services.

This is a Public-Private Partnership engagement programme which aims to provide access-to-energy services through the installation of biogas digesters in partnership with local enterprises, NGOs, and governments.

This activity (InfraCo Africa Development is a facility of the Private Infrastructure Development Group and has been designed to assume the risks and costs of early-stage project development in lower income countries in Africa) is a component of S

The Digital Energy Facility is an EU-funded programme, implemented by the Agence Française de Développement (French Development Agency).

Time is running out. At current emissions levels, the IPCC tells us that a safe 1.5°C “carbon budget” will be exhausted in 7 years. Africa is uniquely vulnerable to climate disruptions.

The IEA has launched the four-year cross-agency Digital Demand-Driven Electricity Networks Initiative (3DEN), which is working to identify the policy, regulation, technology and investments needed to accelerate progress on power system modernisati

Universal energy access is one of the driving forces in alleviating poverty and ensuring sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

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